5 Perks of Riding Your Bike in the Bay Area

Fall is here and the weather couldn’t be better to grab your bike and explore the Bay Area! Here are our top five perks of riding your bike in the Bay Area.

1. It’s healthy!

Riding your bike is good for you, physically and mentally. As you’re building muscles, burning fat, and growing your endurance, you’re also pedaling toward a better mood, stress relief, and less anxiety. That’s just the beginning. With benefits like better cardiovascular health, flexibility, posture, bone strength, sleep, and more, cycling can really help keep the doctor away! It’s a low-impact way to get some exercise while taking it easy on your joints.

2. Go Green!

It’s no secret that riding your bike reduces your carbon footprint. More time in the saddle means less time behind the wheel or taking transit, all of which fills our atmosphere with pollutants. According to Bay Area Bike to Work, it’s more than just the fact that you’re not using fuel when you’re cycling. Bicycles also “take a lot less energy to make than a car,” and what’s more, they “don’t require toxic batteries or motor oil.” Each time you choose pedal power over fuel, you’re keeping our world that much greener.

3. It’s a great way to get the family together!

There are many family-friendly trails all over the Bay Area! When it comes to cycling, our Bay Area is an embarrassment of riches. You can hit the road with little ones in any number of gorgeous locales, from Silicon Valley up to Marin, throughout the East Bay and in the City. The Bay Area’s trails are perfect for family, “whether the kids are riding solo, enjoying the view via trailer, or buckled cozily into their bike seats,” says Rene M. Rutledge of Red Tricycle. It’s a great way to get the family active while exploring new views in the Bay Area. You can even keep it local as you soak in the beauty of your neighborhood and bike to your favorite spots.

4. You’re saving money!

Purchasing and maintaining a bicycle costs much less than owning a vehicle. When riding your bike, you can eliminate expenses (and worries) like gas and parking, and you can build up your savings account. According to Map My Run, there are plenty of other ways that cycling can save a buck. By keeping you healthy (see above), you can knock down your healthcare costs, or even skip that gym membership, for example. It’s also a fun, inexpensive leisure activity that “means you’ll probably spend less time at the movie theater, shopping, and on other forms of leisurely activity that cost money.” Owning a car might be necessary for many of us, but you can still save big when riding your bike more often than driving.

5. You’re joining a community.

Many cycling clubs and organizations fill the Bay Area! Join in on group rides and fun events like our Cycle of Hope 2019 to meet new people who share a common passion. Cycling can be an exciting yet strenuous activity. Knowing you have a support system to push you in achieving your cycling goals or to enjoy a ride with can be reassuring and a great way to make new friends. Being a part of a cycling community is also the key to discovering new rides, building your skills, getting pro tips, and keeping the friendship going off the trail, too.