5 Ways to Switch Your Fundraising into High Gear


1. Find your motivation!

Of course, we’ll all riding and raising support for a bigger purpose – affordable housing and stronger communities. But a little extra motivation can’t hurt! That’s why we want to thank our biggest fundraisers by recognizing you with some fantastic prizes. From VIP Experience passes to 49ers tickets to Southwest Airlines vouchers – it just might be that added bit of incentive you need to get your family and friends on board to support you! Take a look at our fundraising prize – prize levels start at just $500, so you could earn yourself a spot on the leaderboard!

2.Start the wheels turning!

Show your potential supporters that you’re serious about the cause by making the first gift. It doesn’t have to break the bank – remember that every dollar counts. Studies show that people are more likely to contribute to a campaign that someone has already donated to. So, go ahead and put that first contribution in, and you’ll set yourself up for fundraising success.

3. Make it personal!

Your friends and family may want to support affordable housing, but most of all, they want to support you. So, customize your fundraising page with your own photo and text. On your page and in your asks, tell people your why – why are you riding? What connects you to Habitat and affordable housing? What does having a stable, decent place to live mean to you? Let your family and friends know why – by supporting Habitat’s Cycle of Hope – they’re supporting something meaningful to you.

4. Think like an onion!

Look at your fundraising like the layers of an onion. You want to work from the core outward. As you read, people are more likely to give when others have already given. So, start with the core – your closest 5-10 family and friends, those most likely to support you. Write a personal email to these people and ask for their support. Then, move outward to other close friends, about 10-15 close contacts. For your next layer, send to other contacts you feel comfortable asking directly – coworkers, acquaintances, your reading group, that cousin you talk to a couple times a year. Lastly, move on to social media. This will help you establish a base of support early, and you’ll be asking people to give to a campaign that other people are already supporting. And as you get close to your fundraising goal, people are even more likely to chip in to help you get over that finish line!

5. Get social!

Social media isn’t just about blasting out an ask to everyone on your friends and followers lists – although this is a great first step. You can up your social game in a few more ways. You can thank those people who have given – by tagging them in your thanks. This not only lets people know the campaign is growing, but it is also a chance to share your love for your donors. Spark a sense of urgency so your friends feel more inspired to take action. You could, for example, say you’re trying to raise the next $100 by the end of the week, and get people excited to help you meet that mini-goal. Also, not every post has to be an ask. You can also keep your fundraising goal front-of-mind but avoid wearing out your welcome by simply sharing things like updates from your training rides or stories about Habitat for Humanity’s impact Go to our social channels and share some of our stories that keep us motivated and pushing forward for that world where everyone has a decent place to live.