Sunday, October 25, 2020
Foothill College, Los Altos Hill, CA
Century | Metric | Intermediate | Starter | Kids

why ride?

Cycle of Hope is more than a ride.

Because at Cycle of Hope, every mile matters. Every push of the pedal, every dollar raised, every hour contributed. It all helps Habitat East Bay/Silicon Valley build a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

We will be your hand up, with supportive perks like a personal fundraising coach, on-course SAG support, and a well-deserved finish line celebration. And by riding Cycle of Hope, you’ll help Habitat’s programs provide a hand up to hardworking families.

Together, we’ll make decent, affordable housing a reality for more families. Together, we ride.

5 great COURSEs

“Beautiful course… great cause. I am not a hardcore cyclist so having an event with this distance options was such a treat.” 2019 Cycle of Hope rider.

Whether you’re a novice looking for a comfortable course with a gorgeous backdrop, or you’re a seasoned cyclist ready for the full Century – or somewhere in the middle – Cycle of Hope offers a fully-supported ride for you.

  • Kids’ Course
  • Starter Course
  • Intermediate Course
  • Metric Century (62-Mile) Course
  • Century (100-Mile) Course

Stay tuned for course information and maps!



Sunday, October 25, 2020


Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, CA

Century Start Time: 7:00 a.m.
Metric Century Start Time: 8:00 a.m.
Intermediate Start Time: 9:00 a.m.
Starter Start Time: 10:00 a.m.
Kids’ Course Start Time: TBD

After the ride, stay for a well-deserved finish line celebration! With food, drinks, music, massages, vendors, and kids’ activities, Cycle of Hope has something for the entire family.

2020 pRICING

Event Feb 20 -March 9 @12pm March 9 – June 1 @12pm June 1 – Aug 24 @12pm Aug 24 – Sept 21 @12pm Sept 21 – Oct 19 @12pm Oct 19 – Oct 23
@ 12pm
Oct 24 at 9am – Oct 25 at 1pm (in person only, online reg shut down)
Kid’s Course $10 $15 $20 $25 $30 $35 $40
Starter Course $40 $55 $65 $80 $90 $105 $115
Intermediate Course $55 $65 $85 $100 $110 $125 $140
Metric Century (62-Mile) Course $80 $100 $115 $125 $140 $155 $180
Century (100-Mile) Course $100 $120 $150 $165 $180 $190 $225


When you sign up to ride Cycle of Hope, you directly benefit Habitat for Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley. However, when you get your friends, family, and entire cheer squad involved, you double your impact! Every dollar counts and directly impacts Habitat’s families.

Fundraising is easier than you think. With plenty of support from your personal Habitat Fundraising Coach, you can quickly create and share a fundraising page. The top fundraisers will earn VIP treatment on ride day, prizes, and bragging rights!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an accessible event?

Yes! We strive to be an accessible and inclusive event for people of all ages and all abilities. Accessible parking is available on the HP campus. Athletes with disabilities are welcome and encouraged to participate, please contact us directly for additional accommodation questions and/or requests.

Will there be aid stations along the course?

There will be aid stations every 10-15 miles.  They will be supplied with both liquid and food nutrition to keep you fueled for the ride

Are e-bikes allowed?

Yes, electric-assist bikes are allowed at Cycle of Hope.

Will there be SAG support?

Personal vehicles are strongly discouraged on the route for the safety of the riders and are prohibited at the rest stops. No worries, we’ve got your back. There will be plenty of Support and Gear (SAG) vehicles to transport any cyclists if needed and the help with mechanicals that arise on the route.

Is it a closed course?

No. As with most cycling events, the roads will not be closed. Therefore, cyclists are required to follow the same rules and laws that cars follow. Stop signs and traffic signals must be obeyed. The only exception would be if law enforcement or traffic control officials wave cyclists through – proceed with caution. Cyclists must yield to pedestrians.


Is this a timed event?

For the Century and Metric Century, there will be a hill climb challenge that will be timed and recorded for the climb only (the descent is not part of this segment). Cycle of Hope is not an officially timed event. You are welcome to use personal devices to track your performance!


Can I wear headphones?

Due to the nature of this event and for the safety of all of our riders, we ask that no headphones be worn to listen to music. If you choose to use the Ride With GPS app to navigate course, only 1 earbud is permitted (should be in right ear, away from traffic) and at a low volume.

I want to ride but I do not have a bike. Can I rent one?

We have partnered with Sports Basement to provide cyclists a discount on bike rentals for the event. Once your register for Cycle of Hope, complete this form for discount code.

How do I make sure my bike is ready for ride day?

Check out these tips for preparing and staying safe while riding Cycle of Hope!

Are there a bag drop locations on course?

We encourage you to leave your personal items at our complimentary bag check before you start your ride. We will, however, have some limited drop stations available early in the courses to bring items back to the finish line if necessary.

Will there be medical support?

We’ll have five first aid stations available along the course as well as at the Finish Line.

Will there be hydration and nutrition on the course?

Water, Nuun electrolyte drink, fresh fruit, and salty and sweet snacks will be offered every 10-20 miles at official aid stations depending on the course distance and section of each route.  A small grab-and-go lunch item will be available to the 100 and 62 mile riders only at the 61 mile water station at La Honda and Skyline (Skywood Trading Post (100-mile route) and at the 47 mile aid station at Stevens Creek Canyon Park (62-mile route). Options will be available for vegetarians and vegans.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

YES! For your own safety, helmets are required at the Cycle of Hope. You will be removed from the route if you are not wearing a helmet.

Can riders "Take the Lane"?

Riders are asked to stay as far to the right of the road as safely possible and/or in designated bike lanes. There are a few exceptions in the law that allows riders to “take the lane”:

– Passing another cyclist (always pass on the left-hand side and announce before doing so, “On your left.” If you hear this, keep looking forward and hold steady, be courteous and allow rider to you.

– Preparing to make a left-hand turn

– When necessary to avoid certain conditions that make it unsafe to stay to the right (ie: potholes, etc)

How long do I have to complete the course?

The event officially ends at 6pm. We will not be able to offer event support and finish line amenities to riders who complete their course after that time.


Where do I park?

Free parking is available at the HP campus. Attendees and participants should follow instructions from the volunteer parking marshals upon arrival.

Can I change distances after I register?

Athletes can change events. There is no charge to move down in distance, but you do not get refunded the difference. If athletes want to move up in distance, they will be charged the difference from what they originally paid and what the current price is.

How it all got started

Cycle of Hope began as a dare to a man who can’t resist a dare. Bob Frick, chair of Habitat East Bay/Silicon Valley’s Foundation Board, was 70 years old when a student of his dared him onto a bicycle for the first time in decades, undertaking a long-distance ride to raise money and awareness for Habitat. But when you’re Bob Frick, you don’t stop at a few hundred miles. He, and his wife Barbara as SAG support, then embarked on multiple cross-country cycling journeys, starting with his back tire in the Pacific and ending with his front tire in the Atlantic. His last cross-country ride was in 2015, at age 77, and after that, Bob set his sights forward. He wanted to establish Cycle of Hope as a large-scale local ride, where many more people could join the movement and carry the spirit of his ride into the future. And here we are today...