There’s Something FOR EVERYONE

Cycle of Hope: Ride from Home offers a premier cycling experience to help every level of athlete reach their goals! – and, now, every locale!

11-Mile CLub

This is our “starter” challenge, for those riders looking for a light challenge and a gorgeous ride. Sign up for one of our Cycle of Hope curated routes below, or ride from anywhere and design your own 11-mile ride!
Preview our selection of curated routes:

32-Mile Club

This club is the perfect choice for intermediate cyclists ready for a satisfying challenge, some tough inclines, and a moderate distance. Sign up for one of our Cycle of Hope curated routes below, or ride from anywhere and design your own 32-mile ride!
Preview our selection of curated routes:

Metric Century CLub

This club is perfect for skilled riders looking for a bigger challenge! Bigger challenge means bigger climbs! Sign up for one of our Cycle of Hope curated routes below, or ride from anywhere and design your own 62-mile ride!

Preview our selection of curated routes:

century Club

This club is perfect for cyclists taking on the ultimate challenge of riding 100 miles for Habitat! Sign up for one of our Cycle of Hope curated routes below, or ride from anywhere and design your own 100-mile ride!

Preview our selection of curated routes:

kids’ CLub

For cyclists 10 and younger, this is the perfect way to be a part of the action and go the distance for Habitat! Our young athletes can choose their distance and ride from anywhere – and we’d love to see “finish line” photos with medals held proudly! Just post photos with the hashtag #CycleOfHope.

ride from anywhere

When you sign up and select our anywhere option for any of our distance clubs, you can ride for your cycling goals – and for affordable housing – in your own way, on your own time, from anywhere, in any way!

Simply start up the Cycle of Hope ride in the official ride app – RaceJoy – anytime between October 10th and 25th to track your mileage and record your results.

However you reach your distance goal, every mile matters for Habitat, and we’ll celebrate your achievement during our virtual finish line celebration on October 24th!

Looking for some course inspiration? Join our Cycle of Hope Strava club and see how your community is riding for Habitat! As part of our Strava club, you can post your training rides, coordinate rides with fellow cyclists, and see how others are preparing for the 2020 ride!

*If you would like to “ride from home” on a stationary trainer like a Peloton, register for your goal distance and select “anywhere” as your preferred way to reach your goal. Because RaceJoy does not track mileage or results for stationary bikes, please contact Hilda Schmelling to learn how you can submit your results.

Cheer on Cycle of Hope Riders

When To ride

The official ride period for each distance is between October 10th and October 25th.

Pick a day(s)* and a time during the official ride period and fire up RaceJoy to track your progress and get your official results. Plus, use RaceJoy to get messages from friends, family, and Cycle of Hope’s cheer squad to keep you motivated as you cross your finish line!

All riders who reach their goal will be honored as official Distance Club Finishers during our October 24th virtual finish line celebration!

*If you would like to reach your distance goal over multiple days or on a stationary trainer, please contact Hilda Schmelling to learn how to submit your results!

racejoy 101

No matter how you ride, our official ride app –RaceJoy– ensures you won’t go solo.

Using your phone’s GPS, RaceJoy provides turn-by-turn directions on all official Cycle of Hope courses, tracking capabilities so your friends and family can watch your progress and even send cheers your way, and tips along the ride to keep you moving!

All Cycle of Hope participants will get access to Cycle of Hope’s ride in the RaceJoy app from October 10th through the 25th. Whether you’re riding a Cycle of Hope curated route or you’re riding your own way, still power up RaceJoy before you start to track your progress and submit your final mileage!

While we can’t gather by the hundreds of this year’s start line, RaceJoy gives riders the energy of an en-masse ride from your own headphones.

Check out this How-To video to learn more:

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a "Ride from Home" work ?

It’s simple! This year’s event offers you the chance to support affordable housing, while staying safe and having maximum flexibility:

  1. Step 1 – Choose Your Course
    Choose from 5 custom courses for all skill levels in both the Silicon Valley and East Bay, or design your own course and ride from anywhere.
  2. Step 2– Register & Share
    Once you’ve chosen your course, it’s time to register! Sign up to ride solo or as a team at a safe distance. Then, invite friends and family to ride with you or join your team to get exclusive referral perks.
  3. Step 3 – Fundraise
    Claim your fundraising page and unlock access to a personal fundraising coach! While fundraising is not required, it’s easier than you think. And, you can start earning incentives when you’ve raised just $100, so it’s a snap to rack up extra perks while you support a great cause.
  4. Step 4 – Get your Swag
    With both curbside packet pick-up and mail-to-you options, getting your premium swag bag is safe and easy.
  5. Step 5 – Pick a Day and Ride!
    Pick a day to ride your course anytime between Saturday, October 10, and Sunday, October 25. 

Are there aid stations and SAG support?

While this year’s ride won’t offer aid stations and SAG support, your packet will include the Patelco Credit Union “mobile water station.” And through our official ride app, RaceJoy, you can get tips for places to stop and refuel along our curated routes. We will also have some resources for you at our Online Community (coming soon) from our official Bike Shop Sponsor, Mike’s Bikes, to make sure your bike is tuned up and you are ride-ready.

Are they closed courses?

Please be advised that courses are not closed to traffic. While we are doing our best to design routes on low-travelled roads, we suggest choosing a time and day, such as early in the morning on a Sunday, that will provide you the best and safest ride.

Can I change courses?

Athletes can change events. There is no charge to move down in distance, though we can’t offer to refund the difference. If you’d like to move up in distance, you will be charged the difference between your original registration fee and the current price of your new distance. For any course changes, email Hilda Schmelling at HSchmelling@HabitatEBSV.org.

Is it a closed course?

No. As with most cycling events, the roads will not be closed. Therefore, cyclists are required to follow the same rules and laws that cars follow. Stop signs and traffic signals must be obeyed. The only exception would be if law enforcement or traffic control officials wave cyclists through – proceed with caution. Cyclists must yield to pedestrians.


If I choose the “anywhere” option, how do I design my own route? Can I still use RaceJoy?

When you choose our Anywhere option at registration, you have the freedom to design your own course or find a course already designed by fellow cyclists using apps like RideWithGPS and Strava. Just chart or find your course before you ride (anytime between October 10th and 25th), and on ride day, fire up both apps. By using both apps, you’ll get directional cues from your route app, but you won’t miss out on mileage tracking and custom messages from the Cycle of Hope team, cheer squads, and more from RaceJoy!

Not sure where you want to ride come ride day? No problem – Hop on your bike and ride where the wind takes you with the RaceJoy app open and started. You’ll get progress updates on your mileage as you move. Just make sure you know where you are going, since the “Anywhere” course option does not include directions!

Will I get a finisher’s medal?

Yes! All registered riders will receive a finisher’s medal in their packet.

Can I volunteer for this year's event?

Yes! Even though we aren’t gathering in person, we still need support for this year’s event. Visit our Volunteer section to learn more. Also, one of the best ways to help us make this year’s event a success – even if you’re not on your bicycle – is to fundraise and recruit riders! And, doing so can earn you perks! Just register as a Volunteer Fundraiser/Recruiter to get started.

What does my registration fee cover?

We may be riding at a distance rather than gathering in-person, but planning a premium event like Cycle of Hope: Ride from Home is still costly, and your registration fee helps us cover that cost. It means we’re able to offer things like pre-ride tips, training resources, and new technology that gives this year’s experience the energy of an in-person event.

A portion of your registration fee also directly benefits Habitat for Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley’s mission to build homes, communities, and hope across the Bay Area. Click here to learn more about Habitat for Humanity’s impact.

If I ride a Cycle of Hope curated course, what can I expect?

Cycle of Hope prides itself on our course selection. Each year, we listen to rider feedback and do our best to implement suggestions in the following year’s ride. While we may not be able to experience the course together, riders can still expect a great course experience with routes taking you through some of the best the Bay has to offer. Routes options still include courses designed for kids, beginners, intermediate riders, Metric Century riders, and Century riders. However, this year’s Ride from Home event offers these options in both the Silicon Valley and East Bay.

If I am riding by myself, how will I know where to go? Will there be signage?

No, there will not be signage out on the course. However, riders registered for a Cycle of Hope course will receive turn-by-turn directions through our official ride app – RaceJoy. RaceJoy does not provide routes or directions to riders who select to ride from anywhere.

Can I ride Cycle of Hope on my Peloton or other at-home trainer? How?

Absolutely! If you’d like to ride Cycle of Hope on your Peloton or other at-home trainer, simply register for the distance of your choice, and select our “anywhere” option when asked, “What is your preferred area to complete your ride?” While at-home trainers aren’t integrated with RaceJoy, our official ride app, you can still manually log your ride with a simple form, and be a part of the Cycle of Hope experience – including our October 24th virtual finish line celebration! Just keep an eye on your inbox in the next few weeks, where you’ll receive a link to log your mileage through an easy form once you’ve completed your ride.

How do I get my rider packet and swag?

We will offer curbside packet pickup in both Silicon Valley and the East Bay, prior to October 10th, as well as during the ride window (October 10-25). Look for packet pickup details in your Athlete Guide this September.  You can also purchase a Packet Mailing Upgrade – if you purchase before September 25th, you’ll receive your packet before the ride window begins on October 10th.

Is there a post-ride party?

Yes! Even though we can’t gather by the hundreds this year, we can still gather in spirit to celebrate our community and all that we’ve achieved – the miles we’ve ridden and the funds we’ve raised to support affordable housing. Stay tuned to your email – details about the virtual finish line celebration will be in your Athlete Guide this September.

What if I don’t have a bike or can’t ride? Can I walk, run, or hike a route?

Absolutely! While Cycle of Hope is primarily a cycling event, with this year’s “ride anywhere” option, you can create your own walk, run, or hike! Just register for your goal distance ( kid’s, starter, intermediate, Metric (62 miles), or Century (100 miles) and select “Anywhere” as your preferred area. Come “ride time,” any day at any time between October 10th through October 25th, you can power up RaceJoy to track your distance whether your walk, run, hike, etc. and document your results to be honored at our finish line celebration!

We welcome anyone who wants to join our efforts to support our mission!