Every Mile Matters


It’s a training motto for Patelco Credit Union’s Matthew Reidy – “every mile matters” – and it’s one we take to heart at Cycle of Hope. The motto speaks not only to the experience of the cyclist, but also to the finish line we’re all riding for: Habitat for Humanity‘s vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

Each mile ridden strengthens the rider and furthers the journey. And each milestone we pass – each home we build or repair, each person we move closer to their financial goals, each neighborhood we revitalize – strengthens our community and moves us toward a better Bay Area.

Matthew Reidy is Patelco Credit Union’s VP of Business Intelligence and Analytics but, on Sunday, November 3rd, he’ll be one of hundreds putting feet to the pedals to ride for affordable housing. Whether you’re riding the 12-mile Beginner Course – Matthew’s route of choice – or taking a different path, Matthew and his fellow Patelco Credit Union team members will be along for the ride.

Matthew is riding, he says, “to bring more awareness to Habitat for Humanity’s ongoing need for support, sponsorship, and volunteerism from members of the community.” What’s more, he feels strongly connected to our mission, and our work “to ensure that everyone has a place to call home and gain the independence necessary to build a better life.”

It’s no small job, but we’re fortunate to have partners like Patelco Credit Union supporting our mission, and returning for a second year as Cycle of Hope’s Presenting Sponsor. To Matthew, it’s a natural fit. “Cycle of Hope directly connects to Patelco’s ‘people before profits’ belief and our philosophy of giving back to the communities we serve by supporting affordable housing in the Bay Area,” Matthew points out. He understands that “corporate philanthropy is a cornerstone to nonprofit programs across the country,” and supporting organizations like Habitat “demonstrates a company’s commitment to the community, passion to support the cause, and energizes the employees to become more involved.”

As Matthew readies himself for ride day, he has been cycling indoors and out every week, and makes the following recommendation: “In preparation for a ride, challenge yourself to improve every time you get on the bike. Every mile matters, and you will quickly see improvements the more you work at it!”

At Habitat, we couldn’t agree more. We always work to push the envelope, find ways to build greener, plan smarter, and serve more people. We’re proud to have people like Matthew, and partners like Patelco Credit Union, helping us to ride that extra mile.