Moving Forward with Jane


Cycle of Hope is a movement. Beyond pushing pedals over the finish line, we’re pushing our way forward to a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

Cycle of Hope’s Presenting Sponsor, Patelco Credit Union, is all about “moving you forward, faster” – and they’re helping to move us all forward with their support. Not only are they sponsoring Cycle of Hope, they’re also putting wheels on the ground with us!

One of their riders is Jane Krueger, Financial Advisor with Patelco Credit Union. Jane is signed on for the 62-mile Metric Century Course, and she’s excited to ride for affordable housing alongside hundreds of fellow cyclists.

Jane believes that Patelco Credit Union’s sponsorship comes down to supporting “the health of individuals.” Affordable homeownership, after all, means so much more than a roof over a family’s heads. It has profound effects on health and wellness, among other outcomes.

And that’s critical, according to Jane. It’s part of why she’s so excited to be a part of Cycle of Hope – she sees a connection between the goals of Patelco Credit Union, the sport of cycling, and the mission of Habitat. In her role at Patelco Credit Union, Jane aims to “fuel hope and opportunity for lifelong financial well-being.” As she has been training for Cycle of Hope, Jane reflects that health is a “vital component of holistic wealth.” And of course, she’s riding for affordable housing through Habitat. Whether it’s the financial well-being supported by Patelco Credit Union, the fitness that comes from participating in a cycling event, or the health and wellness built through decent housing – Jane believes in a comprehensive approach to prosperity, one that supports the wealth of the whole person.

And Jane looks beyond the individual to the community at large. “It’s wonderful that Patelco Credit Union provides support for the community with organizations such as Habitat,” Jane says.

It’s with the support of people like Jane, and organizations like Patelco Credit Union, that we’re able to keep pushing for the finish line.