Race Joy 101


Needless to say, 2020 has been a year with many hills to climb! As we shifted gears to turn our in-person ride into an event that could be done at a distance, we wanted to give our riders something of the in-person experience – which brings us to RaceJoy.

No matter how you ride, our official ride app –RaceJoy– ensures you won’t go solo.

RaceJoy uses your phone’s GPS to let us be there with you virtually – with energy, support, and reminders of why you’re riding with us.

When you download and fire up RaceJoy on your chosen ride day, here is what you can expect:

  • If you’re riding an official Cycle of Hope course, you’ll get turn-by-turn directions to guide you to your finish line.
  • Alert your friends and family about your ride day/time so they can track your progress and send you notes of encouragement along the way!
  • Whether you’re riding an official course or riding one of your own design, the Cycle of Hope team will use RaceJoy to cheer you on as your ride for Habitat for Humanity.
  • After your ride, submit your final mileage.

To use RaceJoy:

  1. Download RaceJoy: Download the RaceJoy app to your smartphone from the App Store or Google Play. It’s free!
  2. Search for your route: Go to Featured Races to locate Cycle of Hope, and click on the route you registered for.
  3. Set Up: Follow the prompts carefully to get properly set up for the ride. When the app asks for you to “Enter Bib #,” you can click here and find your bib number starting on October 10th.
    *Note: It can take about 24hrs after registering for your bib number to generate. If you plan to register and ride the same day, click “OK” without entering a number when the system asks for you to “Enter Bib #.
  4. Ride: Carry your phone during the ride and click START MY RACE immediately before you begin your ride.

All Cycle of Hope routes or “anywhere” options will be available on RaceJoy starting on October 10th. Whether you’re riding a Cycle of Hope curated route or you’re riding your own way, power up RaceJoy before you start to track your progress and to upload your results when you finish!


If you chose one of the “Anywhere” ride options, you have the freedom to design your own course or find a course already designed by fellow cyclists using apps like Strava. Just find your course before you ride, and on ride day, open both apps. By using both apps, you’ll get directional cues from your route app, but you won’t miss out on mileage tracking and custom messages from the Cycle of Hope team, cheer squads, and more from RaceJoy!


If you’d like to run, walk, or hike your selected distance, follow the Ride Anywhere option instructions above. Even if you’re not riding a bike, you can still fire up RaceJoy for mileage tracking, progress updates, and uploading official results.


  • You’re riding with our Kids’ Club! Our youngest riders get total freedom to design their own courses at any distance, anywhere. Results for Kids’ Club athletes can be submitted here.
  • You plan on completing your distance over multiple days. We do not recommend using RaceJoy in this case because the tracking and live audio messages will start over with each new session. Instead, use your favorite activity tracker or just enjoy the ride technology-free! Once you have reached your mileage goal, go here to submit your results manually.
  • You plan on completing your distance on a stationary trainer. If you’re hopping on your Peloton or other at-home trainers, the RaceJoy app will not be able to track your ride. But, don’t worry! You can still manually log your ride with a simple form and be a part of the Cycle of Hope experience. Click here to submit your mileage and officially record your achievement!


STILL HAVE QUESTIONS? Check out this “how-to” video: